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Santa has a long history in our family. My grandparents (on my mothers side) started Santa visits when my Mom was a baby. There was a big family party, every Christmas Eve. Second and third cousins came to visit. The party was held every year at either my grandparents house or one of her sisters. There was food, singing, visiting, church and then Santa. He came every year. The spirit of Santa is strong in our family and I hope to bring a little extra joy to yours.

Santa too

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My beginning in the Santa business was one not by choice. My father worked for Canada post and the yearly Christmas party was afoot. However, they had no Santa for the kids, but had a suit. I remember this Santa suit from when I was a kid. It was old, tattered and full of stains from many, many years ago. Reluctantly, I said I would be their Santa and my father brought the suit home.


Well, I’m a big guy, like Santa, but this suit was in even poorer condition than I recall  and to boot, it was way too snug on my robust frame. This was not my only concern. The wig and beard were so stained and full of unknown elements. It  was  yellow, not  white. I  did not want to put this ratty thing on my face or anywhere near my head.


Now, I am a man of my word and felt terrible that I promised but really couldn't wear this outdated, soiled and travesty of a suit. I told my father I would buy a Santa suit and "Do This Right" but it was fairly expensive, and I couldn’t justify using it just the one time. So, I started doing the odd Christmas party here and there. And, To my surprise, I really liked portraying the big man in red.  


Over the years I took it more and more seriously and put a lot of thought into the suit and appearance of the character. I have even incorporated an Aroma of licorice and peppermint into the mix. My portrayal of Santa Claus now has many years of respect and a sense of  pride ……. Christmas will always be my favorite holiday! Anyone can throw on a Santa suit, but when I don my gay apparel, I really do feel the Christmas Spirit of Old Saint Nick …. To Me, that is the Magic of the Holidays.

I am available for in-person visits in Prince Albert, Saskatchewan (and surrounding area) and I have previously portrayed Santa for:  Canada Post (very first client), annual Santa for Conexus Credit Union, Indian Metis Friendship Centre, Several schools and private daycares in the Prince Albert area, SIAST Woodland Campus held a public Meet & Greet, St. Anne's School daycare, NITHA Children's Party, Northern Lights Casino VIP Party, Back Yard Bouncers Meet & Greet, PAGC Children's Christmas Party, PAGC Day Care Christmas Event, Buckland Day Care, FYI Doctors staff function, Outdoor Sleigh rides for family functions, Murray Point private family function, Weirdale Daycare Rainbow Time, Smeaton Community Christmas Gathering at the Recreation Centre, Strengthing Families Program - Catholic Family Services, PJ Bouncey Castles Meet & Greet, ANAVETS Veterans and Small Business party, Ecole Valois kids Christmas Party, Various church functions throughout the Prince Albert area, Vincent Massey Community School Santa pictures, Big Brothers Christmas party, Birthday celebration for the Burns family, Annual family Christmas Eve appearance for various families, Annual Santa for Primerica Staff Christmas party, Body Mechanics Salon & Spa pictures for fundraiser event supporting Children's Hospital/Stars/ETC, Herb Basset Home staff event, PA Exhibition Small Business Event, Annual Santa for Crutwell Christmas Party, Brancepeth Community Christmas Party, Annual Christopher Lake Anglican Church Children's Daycare, Annual Santa for Sage and Kin Enterprises Client Christmas party, PA Multi-Cultural Centre Pictures with Santa, Good Shepard Care Facility for the seniors, Hayrides with Santa, Cathedral kids Christmas party, Kim & Roger Pages daycare Annual Christmas, Pine Grove Correctional children's party, Mann Northway Santa Meet & Greet promotion, Annual Santa for the City of Prince Albert holiday promo Kids Christmas party, Private photo shoot for Sara Prudence Photography, Annual Santa for Santa Takes Flight with Transwest Air ... Fond du Lac / Wollaston Lake / Black Lake / Stoney Rapids - a two day journey for approximately 1500 children in Norther Saskatchewan, City of Saskatoon Hospital visitation, wide assortment of smaller family / private parties in Prince Albert and area, Photo sessions for adults, children & pets, Santa interviews for MBC radio, PA NOW, Shopper/Northern Express and CTV News, Santa Pop-by's (socially distant 2020), Santa live video chats (started 2020).


I have and will continue to offer my services for Christmas parties and events on behalf of Goodwill in the Spirit of Christmas!